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Sunday Programs

Training To Help Your Grooming

Fernando Camacho

Understanding and utilizing some simple training and behavior techniques can really make the grooming experience better for both you the dog you’re working on. Fern will discuss some simple tips on how you can shape the dog’s behavior, enabling you to do your job while making the experience better for the dogs.

Scissors 101: Understanding Your Shears

Jonathan David

Today's stylists are faced with so many types of shears to choose from with so many options. With terms like bevel edge, semi-convex, convex edge, bent shank, offset, even handle, and the list goes on, the options can be dizzying. In this seminar, Jonathan will discuss the various types of edges available and what they're designed for. Jonathan will also go over the various lengths and handle types available and the purposes for each type. Also included in this seminar is proper cleaning and maintenance recommended to extend the life of your most precious of tools.

Advertising With Airbrushing

Dawn Omboy

What gets the most attention in advertising? It is of course the commercials with the dogs in them or the cute dogs that stand out at your local events. Learn the art of airbrushing to bring in new clients to your business. Get plenty of "Free Press" when you show up in the right place at the right time with a dog that people won't forget. Let Dawn show you how to get that extra attention while playing with dogs. After all, it's what we do all day, right?

You Had Me At Meow! – Cat Communications

Kimberly Raisanen

Cats can communicate with us without making a sound. Their tails,
ears, and eyes tell an entire story. It is up to the professional groomer
to understand the meaning! Once you understand feline body language, you will wish you had groomed them years ago. This seminar will be full of fun, prizes, and surprises.

How To Establish Grooming Prices For Your Salon

Melissa Verplank

Setting your grooming prices can be a challenge. How do you know if you are charging enough or giving your services away? How do you create a consistent pricing system? In this lesson, Melissa will cover many of her long time pricing methods. But she’ll also dig in deeper, helping you look at YOUR situation. Bring a calculator and a pencil to this talk! She will guide you through those mysterious areas and assist you in setting prices that are right for YOUR situation.

Mr. Terrier On Hand Stripping

Scott Wasserman

If you mention Terriers in the AKC circuit, Scott Wasserman is a name that comes to mind. Join him as he discusses tools and the proper techniques that can be used in practical applications in your salon. From harsh coated terriers to sporting dogs, and even those mixed breeds, Scott will share his knowledge on successful hand stripping.

Your Business Runs On Shampoo: Streamlining Your Grooming Process With Liquids!

Dave Campanella

Let’s be frank. Your business runs on shampoo, and “Tub Time” is the most critical phase of the grooming process. The liquid products you use definitely impact your business’ success. There are products out there that do most of the hard work for you. However, these typically get overlooked, even though they save a ton of time, and time is money for grooming professionals. In fact, you may have some of these products in your salon right now staring you in the face! We will reveal these, what key ingredients to look for, discuss pH, the myths behind dilution rates, breakthrough conditioners, whiteners, deodorizers, facial washes and more. Most importantly we will reveal the best methods for using these products and how to actually “do more with less”. A fresh perspective and “must see” for any salon owner, mobile business or start-up!

Smart Style System

Linda Easton

If there was a system to increase efficiency while increasing the quality of your groom, wouldn’t you be all in? Let Linda show you tips to get more dogs done while reducing stress for you and the dogs. Don’t sacrifice quality grooming for speed. It’s all about the system! If you could groom just one more dog each day, you are on the road to financial success.

Mobile Etiquette: How To Be A Shining Star In Your Community

Melissa Verplank

Many points of common business etiquette cross over mobile grooming but there are a number of unique situations that can be shining moments for a mobile stylist - or they can turn disastrous, based on how they are handled. A unique feature of the mobile pet stylist is you are out and about in the community. You are extremely visual. Everything you do in that mobile van creates an impression; from clients to prospective clients. In this program we’ll focus on those unique situations, helping you understand how to turn your service based business into a shining star of your community.

The Good, The Bad, And The Furry

Dr. Dana Koch

This program will cover different considerations and techniques when working with a variety of pets. There are special ways to work with the young, the old, pets with health conditions, and those with anxiety issues. Explore the ways in which following certain tips you can make your overall grooming experience a positive one.

Grooming The Schnauzer

Lisa Leady

In this seminar, Lisa will demonstrate setting proper lines on the Schnauzer, as well as easy ways to set in the Schnauzer eyebrows. Even though we are doing pet trims, come learn how to achieve that show dog look!

Client Surveys

Mary Oquendo

In this seminar, Mary will discuss the import role that client surveys play in the health of your business, including how to write one, present it to your clients, and utilize the information for marketing.

Accessorize Your Pooch Workshop

Olga Zabelinskaya

Olga will explain and show how she makes accessories to beautify all her grooms in her salon. She will teach you how to make these accessories or doggy bling to, not only add to your customers’ dogs, but to also sell and make a profit. Since the holidays are right around the corner, she will bring supplies so that everyone can make and take one home.

Salon Design

Mario DiFante

Discover ways and ideas to create the ideal salon for your needs. In this seminar, Mario will share concepts for new salon setups, redesigning existing salons, incorporating upgrades, and efficient layouts to save time and money. If you’ve been thinking of giving your salon a new look, you won’t want to miss this one!

I Got A Disease From A Dog?

Dr. Cliff Faver

Dr. Faver will discuss some of the common diseases and parasites we can get from our furry friends. He will also explore what you may want to inform your MD of if he/she is not familiar with our profession. He will cover the ways these diseases can be passed from animal to animal under the groomer’s care, including how it spreads and how to combat it. In addition, Dr. Faver will explain how to deal with a veterinarian and the client in this situation.

How to Get And Keep Cat Clients

Danelle German

When starting her feline-exclusive grooming business, Danelle German realized there were obstacles standing in the way of getting clients to want a full groom for their cats and to getting them on a regular maintenance schedule. Along the way, she learned many valuable lessons on how to get cat clients, how to maximize the potential of each groom visit, and how to retain clients long-term. In this seminar, Danelle will share the tactics she has used over the years to develop a healthy and growing number of regular cat clients willing to pay top dollar to keep their kitties in fantastic condition!

Cute, Easy Styles To Make Over Those Mixed Breeds

Cheryl Purcell

So a new client comes in for the first time with their mixed breed and says “Just make her cute”. Cheryl is here to help you come up with cute and easy trims for each dog. Cheryl won her fist competition with a mixed breed, took her first medal at Intergroom with a mixed breed, and is a winner of the Taxi Memorial for best expression on a mixed breed. Whether it’s a mixed breed or a purebred in a non-traditional trim, Cheryl will help you. There will be before and after photos and live demos.

Increasing Stylist Income Instantly

Nancy Ward

We've all heard about add-ons. Do they really increase your income? Sounds like a lot of time involved, not to mention skill. Let's take a look at what we're already doing, often it's a matter of marketing those services in a different light. Do we include add-ons in our basic grooming, create Spa packages, make them A La Carte? Help!! Have no fear, you'll leave this class knowing what's going to work best for you. This knowledge translates to more money in your pocket with little, if any, extra time, money, or work involved.

Customer Service: Keep Them Coming Back

Brett Wilson

Why would the pet owning public choose your salon over another? What creates customer loyalty? Customer service can impact the profitability of your business either positively or negatively. In this revenue-generating seminar, Brett will present methods that have proven to increase your client base, promote a positive public image, and reduce advertising costs through simple, practical consumer relations.

Big And Beautiful: The Standard Poodle

Sue Zecco

If there's a single breed that you're certain to find coming to you for grooming, it's the Poodle. All of them – no matter what trim style their owners select – should be elegant, well-balanced, and scissored. Grooming difficult feet, achieving a beautiful topknot, and getting that overall balanced look are not the easiest tasks in the world. Sue will demonstrate techniques and short cuts, provide timesaving tips, and show you how to do quick and stylish everyday pet trims.